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Thailand is fast becoming the destination of choice for gaining international TEFL teaching experience. Join millions of other expats from around the world.

Why Thailand? As one of the best destinations to launch your international TEFL teaching career, Thailand offers a deep and rich culture to immerse yourself in, as well as delicious and authentic Thai cuisine untouched by colonial influence. With a variety of options like the world class city of Bangkok for the city folk, to the less frantic mountain lifestyle for the more rural minded, Thailand offers something for every taste.

Go Ed makes it easy and painless to start your journey

Let us take care of all the frustrations and obstacles that come with setting up a new job and life in Thailand. Our services are tailored to ensure that the whole process is as simple and painless as possible, allowing you to focus on your new adventure.

TEFL Exam Preparation

We will make sure you are ready and prepared to take and pass the TEFL exam, allowing you to be a credited TEFL teacher.

Travel arrangements

We will arrange your traveling and make sure you are fully briefed on the process and requirements. This includes tips and assistance in finding accommodation and transport once you land.

Classroom Management

Our training includes classroom management principles, lesson preparation and delivery techniques and general Thai class etiquette.

Culture training

Culture shock when you first arrive can be disorienting. Our training includes briefings on Thai culture, general etiquette and basic language phrases to help you find your way.

Our Service Packages

R5000 Deposit with all packages, with balance payments after finishing the TEFL course

Standard Package

Everything you need to get started
R49 000
  • TEFL exam booking
  • TEFL Preparation training
  • Flight Reservations
  • Visa assistance
  • Initial Hotel reservation (14 days)
  • Classroom Management Training
  • Lesson preparation training
  • Lesson delivery training
  • Culture and lifestyle training

Deluxe Package

The no-stress option
R68 000
  • Everything in the standard package
  • Pickup from airport to Hotel
  • Job placement assistance
  • Long term living arrangements
  • Personal 1 on 1 training sessions

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Frequently asked Questions

The TEFL Exam is an internationally recognised certification that allows you to teach English as a Foreign Language. This course is regulated by the UK Government and  consists of a +- 120 hour online course that needs to be completed, followed by assessments. The course covers general  training on topics like lesson planning, classroom management and lesson content creation.

This is up to you, the faster you work through the course the quicker you can do your assessments. You can work at a pace that is comfortable to you up to a maximum of 70 days. Should you still need more time after 70 days an extension can be requested.

Enrollment is open to anyone who has a good command of the English language provided you meet the following criteria

  • Between the ages of 18 and 50
  • Have a Matric Certificate
  • Adaptable
  • Have a desire to work internationally

Having a degree makes it easier to obtain a visa and find work in Thailand. There are other ways to gain access and obtain visas that will allow you to stay up to 2 years but generally the degree path is the most feasible.

Yes, but this will require extend stay during which you will not be able to work. Booking your tickets earlier will also allow for cheaper rates.

This will depend on where you find an available position but generally the ages are clustered as follows:

  1. K1-K3 (Ages 2-5)
  2. P1-P6 (Ages 6 – 12)
  3. M1 – M6 (Ages 13 -18)
  4. Adult  – this is done at Language centres and through private tutoring.

Beyond the price of the packages we offer you can expect to spend between R20 000 and R30 000 per month in Thailand. We suggest you have a least one month worth of spending money available to allow for time to find a position, settle in and find your feet.

Any additional questions?

If you have any other questions give us a call or submit your details below and I will call you back.

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